How to request the exchange

If you have a TeamTV account you can participate in the video exchange if a video exchange has been set up for your sport and pool. Only coaches can sign up for the exchange, players cannot.

Step 1: Log in to TeamTV as coach and open the menu. There, select "Exchange".

The following page is shown:

It is still in the ducht language but we will talk you through.

Step 2: Click on the dropdown with the text "Selecteer jouw poule".
A list of exchanges will be shown and you can pick your pool.

"Selecteer jouw team" twill show he teams that exist in the pool you have selected.
Step 3: Choose what team you represent:

Pick your team. If it's not available and you have selected the right pool, please send us an email at [email protected]
Maybe the pool is not yet inserterd in TeamTV.
if your team is present but not clickable (like UHC Hamburg in the picture above) then the request has already been made by someone in your team or someone else has done this by mistake from another team.

Step 4: If you have selected your team click on the "Ik ga akkoord" checkbox to confirm that you will cooperate in sharing your matches (which means: upload your home matches in the right qualtity within the agreed time after the match).
Step 5: Click the green button to request the exchange.

TeamTV will validate your request. If it is valid, TeamTV will accept your request.
An email will be send to you when:

  1. TeamT had accepted your request => you can see the matches in the match-overview
  2. TeamTV has rejected your request => you probably made a mistake and you can try to request again from step 1.