Viewing matches from another leaque

In some case we allow teams to view matches in another leaque, even if the team itself does not play matches in that leaque.

  • Referees who have a login from their federation and are allowed to watch the video's of matches they were involved.
  • Teams that play playoff matches that are between leaques.
  • Teams that play playdown matches

It is possible to request to watch a leaque in TeamTV.

We will show you how this can be done and how it works.
You have to have 'coach' rights to perform this operation.
In the menu on the top-right you can find the menu-option "Exchange".
You will see a page with the following button:

Click on it and you will see a page in which you can do the request to watch a leaque.

"Select your league"
"Select your role" : Click spectator if you want to watch a league in which your team isn't playing. And if you are a referee choose Referee.
Finally click the "Request exchange" button to confirm.

TERMS: for teams that want to watch matches in another league it is necessary that this team has uploaded it's own matches in TeamTV. This is because you have to share your matches also with teams that watch your leaque matches.

Personel of TeamTV will always check a request on this basis and will approve or reject the request.