Tagging with record button

If a match has been created and a video uploaded to it tagging can start.
Click on the tag-icon behind the match.

Below the videoplayer one can find the tag buttons.

This is the record button:  
It works just like recording a video on a smartphone.
Click on the button when you see something you want in a clip.
The button changes into:
If the end is reached of the fragment you can click the button again.
One is asked to give the clip a name and to pres "OK".

Advantage of recordbutton:

  • Length of clip can be determined by user, not pre-defined.
  • Just one button to click
  • One can attach a name to the clip


  • More work when tagging a lot.
  • Be aware not to add a complete 'chat' to the name of the clip otherwise it will be very confusing. You the chat function of playlists instead for this.