Getting started with TeamTV livestreaming

How it works

  • You send your video to our server;
  • You tag live during the match;
  • We overlay the match time and live score of your match in the top left corner of the stream (as seen below);
  • We send your livestream to the platform of your choice (like YouTube);

Choose your setup

We ask you to choose your camera and hardware setup for livestreaming. Below we show the 5 most common combinations. If you already know with which setup you want to livestream, please choose the corresponding link below.
If you don’t know what hardware to choose, you can consult the information below to determine which setup is best for you. It often depends on already available cameras, the budget, the internet connection and the streaming options that might be used, such as a club channel on YouTube.

Setup 1: Camcorder, streaming device + Wi-Fi + TeamTV YouTube link

Setup 2: Camcorder, streaming device + Wi-Fi + YouTube club channel

Setup 3: Mobile phone + Larix broadcaster app + 4G/5G + TeamTV YouTube link

Setup 4: Mobile phone + Larix broadcaster app + 4G/5G + YouTube club channel

Setup 5: Camcorder + converter + laptop + OBS/Vmix/Wirecast + Wi-Fi/internet cable + YouTube club channel

Still not sure which configuration to choose? The following articles might help you to make a decision.

Recording your match: camcorder or mobile phone/tablet?

Choose your connection: Wi-Fi or 4G/5G?

Streaming via the TeamTV YouTube link or via your YouTube club channel?

Once you know what your setup is going to be, please click on the corresponding link above to learn more.

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