Using the predefined tags for korfball

Standard korfball tagpanel for tagging afterwards

We have defined a predefined tagpanel for Korfball.

TIP: if you want all the statistics to be seen at your dashboard it's better to have someone do livetagging on your match. It only takes the duration of the match to tag, if you want alle statistics with tagging after the match on a video, it will take 2.5 hours to do it

Observe your opponents quickly

By using the tagpanel in the following way you can tag a match very quickly (25 minutes):

  • Set posession at beginning of the match (f.i. click "1st attack Wageningen 1")
  • Put the video-speed to 2x or 4x 
  • Tag every shot (k=miss, l=goal) or only the goals
  • Tag every time the ball changes section with 'b' (Ball to other section).

TIP: if you make a mistake use the undo-iconUndo - button

TIP: Keep the 'possession' buttons ON all the time

In this way you will create video's for all 4 sections (2 attack and 2 defence) nad you wil see a video of the goals.
This is a good starting point to start analysing your opponent, because watching only 1 section over and over will show you how this section is playing its attacks or defences.

Full match tagging to get all statistics

If you want all statistics and video for a match it will take you 2+ hours.
The results of this way of tagging will generate the following clips and statistics:

  • Alle attacks and defences of all sections of the team (first attack and second attack)
  • All shots being taken in the match
  • Statistics of all players with shooting efficienty
  • Statistics of all sections (attack efficienty, rebound percentages)

Do the following to fully tag the match:

  1. Go to the start of the match
  2. Click on the team/section thats has posession
  3. If someone makes a shot, tag "shot miss" of "shot goal".
  4. If the ball is lost because of an error (not to be used for a rebound) choose "ball lost".
  5. If the bal enters the other section hit "turnover". The possession changes now !
  6. Start from step 3.

Make sure the possession is always 'on'. So one of the teams is highlighted.If you continue like this (when there is two goals scored you will see the sections changing) the above clips will be generated.

But to get all the info you will have to fill in extra info for every shot taken.  Click on the right side in the list of actions on the first  "Shot". A form will show with all important parts of shot-statistics. Position, shot-side, assist, result etc.
If you fill the form and save it, you will arrive directly in the following shot taken.

Dashboard with statistics & video

Filling all the shots will fill your dashboard. 

 Clicking the "Checkout playerstatistics" will show you more detail.