Get info for vMix from Api for Livestreaming

If you want to livestream with vMix there is a possibility to enrich your livesteam with TeamTV statistics.
You need to livetag the match with the TeamTV livetagging app for your sport.
In the TeamTV API there are some datasources available and under development for different sports.


Use the livetagging for korfball.
Here you can find documentation on how to get a datasource from TeamTV.

This is an example of a vMix overlay with a TeamTV datasource. This is a dutch version.

This is a title created in VMix. One has to define what info from the datasource has to go where in the title.
If you have any ideas for making an overlay yourself with different info please contact us for this.


Use the livetagging for handball.
A datasource is being developed for handball right know.
A template is not yet created.