Creating a livestream device in TeamTV

The livestream device you can create in TeamTV, is not a physical streaming device, but a setting which produces a streaming URL and key for you. You can copy these to a livestreaming app on your mobile device, or to a real streaming device.

Go to your livestreaming app by clicking the logo on the top left of the page. Select the livestreaming app and click on the tab 'Devices'. If you don't see the livestreaming option, please contact your TeamTV administrator.

Now a device can be created corresponding to your phone or camera/streaming box.
Give your streaming device a name and always use this device to stream.

TeamTV creates the streaming URL and streaming key fields. The delay field can be used to delay the video sent to the platform of your choice.

The streaming URL and key need to be filled in the app on your mobile device or in the interface of your streaming box (it is usually accessed via a web page).

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