Creating a livestreaming destination in TeamTV

TeamTV can stream your video to a destination of choice, like YouTube or Vimeo, where your fans can watch the livestream. Creating a livestreaming destination in TeamTV is only necessary when you want to stream to your club channel or another location, other than the default TeamTV destination. Below, you see the steps to take for streaming to YouTube:

Step 1. Go to your YouTube club channel and create a live event. Copy the YouTube streaming URL and streaming key, to paste them in TeamTV.

Step 2. Log in to TeamTV and go to the Livestreaming app to create a destination. Click on 'Destinations' and paste the streaming URL and key from step 1. Give the destination a name, such as 'YouTube channel Oranje Rood' and save it.

This destination can now be used to create a live event.

M. 08-01-2021 R