Livetagging a korfball-match

Livetagging a match has two big advantages:

  1. During the match the coach has access to import statistical information that can be used to change the gameplan.
  2. Afterwards tags are ready to be synchronized with the video which saves a lot of time.
  3. When livestreaming, you get an overlay with score, teams and time.

In the following video tutorial you can see how it works.

Very important:

1. Press "Start first period" (and Start second period) at the moment the referee starts the match (or second half).
This is very important to synchronise the data with the video afterwards).
2. Make sure you record the whole match. Only at halftime you can click pauze on your camera. Also during time-outs or injuries let the camera record. Also very import for the sync later on.
3. Make sure you start recording just before the match starts, if you start 10 seconds later, you cannot sync the statistics to the video:  al the videofragments will nog be in the right place if you do this.