Camcorder + streaming device + TeamTV YouTube link

If you have chosen the setup with a camcorder, streaming device and TeamTV YouTube link, you can follow these steps to go live. Well before the match, do the following:

Step 1. Create a device in TeamTV's livestreaming app and copy the streaming URL and streaming key.

Step 2. In this app, also create a live event.

Step 3. Connect the streaming device to the internet and go to the web interface of the streaming device to configure it for your livestream. 

Use the RTMP setting and enter the stream key and streaming URL from step 1. Sometimes there are two input fields, for the URL and the key, but sometimes there is only one field for both. In this case, you can use a slash (/) behind the streaming URL, followed by the streaming key.

Step 4: Distribute the TeamTV YouTube link of your livestream to your fans. You'll see the link when you click on the live event you have created in TeamTV.

Step 5: On match day, make sure somebody is live tagging the match, to provide a scoreboard overlay on your stream. It is important to start the live tagging at the right moment.

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M. 02-01-2021 R