Choose a streaming device

To send the footage from your camera to the TeamTV server, you need a streaming device, which can look like this:

What is a streaming device and what does it do?

  • It is an encoder, which means it converts the footage received from the HDMI input to another format that can be sent;
  • It has a web interface where you can configure what you want the device to do;
  • It sends the livestream via the RMTP protocol.

Which specifications are important?

  • Make sure the streaming device has built-in Wi-Fi or an ethernet port;
  • Check what resolution the streaming device is able to broadcast (720p, 1080p or even 4K);
  • Make sure you can connect the streaming device to your camcorder (often through an HDMI-out on the camcorder and an HDMI-in on the streaming device);
  • Check if the device can send the livestream via the RTMP protocol to a chosen address (like TeamTV).

Examples of streaming devices

  • Magewell Ultra Stream HDMI;
  • E2 HDMI Video Encoder;
  • Or search on Google for 'HDMI video encoder' and check the specifications.

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