Streaming via the TeamTV YouTube link or your YouTube club channel?

Get a YouTube link from TeamTV

You can get a YouTube livestreaming link from TeamTV, to distribute to your fans or post on your club's website. When you go for this option, you don't have to do anything on YouTube itself. This option is a lot easier than the next one.

Create a livestreaming event on your YouTube club channel

If your club has its own YouTube channel, you can show the livestream there. However, it requires a bit more work to set this up on YouTube and TeamTV. First of all, you need to have access to your club's YouTube channel. Next, you:

  1. Create a live event on your club channel on YouTube and copy this streaming URL plus streaming key;
  2. Create a destination in TeamTV (to basically tell TeamTV where to stream to) by pasting the info from step 1;
  3. Use this destination in the live event you create on TeamTV;
  4. Log in to your club channel when going live, to start livestreaming on YouTube.

M. 02-01-2021 R