Using the predefined tags for Handball

This is the standard tag panel voor Handball if you tag your match on the video (so afterwards, not live).

Always start with selecting the team who has ball-possession. When starting from the beginning of the match this will almost alllways be the hometeam. In the above picture the "Possession LIO 1" is selected (Lions).

To cut the attackss of both teams you have to:

  • tag "n = Ball loss after schot" when possession is switched
  • tag 't = Technical fault' when the ball is lost in the field (no shot)
  • tag 'v = Schot goal' when scored.

In above three situaties you will see the possession automaticly switch to the other team.
The result of this is that video clips are created of all attacks of both teams and are visible under de videoplayer in the 'play section' (Play-icon behind the match).

Extra actions/clips can be generated when using these other tags:

  • 'c = Shot miss'
  • 'o = Foul' 
  • 'd = Penalty cause'.  The moment the cause of the penalty is seen.
  • 'f = Penalty miss'
  • 'g = Penalty goal'

All video's are placed under the tabs for the teams under the video-player. The customtags=TeamTags will show under the 'Other' tab.

Then there are the tags to add extra attributes to an attack:  '7 = empty goal', '8 = overnumbered', '9 = undernumbered'. Combinations of these are also possible.
It will generate video's of 'Attacks empty goal', 'Attacks undernumbered' etc. Then you can see all attacks with a empty goal situation.

TIP: take care that possession is always selected for 1 of the 2 teams.
TIP: if you make an error while tagging use the undo button. It's only visible when you have tagged something ,and look tlike this: Undo button